Tents sale & hire

Sale and hire of tents for private and professional use. With us you get quality tents at a very reasonable price. Sale and hire of tents for any purpose and for any event, whether you need a tent to store your car, boat, machinery or equipment or you need a beautiful tent for the garden party,wedding or special event, we have the tent for you. Go to the webshop and se our wide selection of quality tents.

Tents for storage

If you need a tent temporary storage of your garden equipment, machinery, bicycles or furniture you can choose our multi-purpose tent 1,60x2,59 m. Our storage tents are easy to assembly and you can easily bring it with you. The titanium Tents are our very popular heavy duty shelter constructed to cover machines, material and boats. The titanium tent is made of strong rust-preventing, galvanized tubes that will ensure a long lifetime of the product. The strong steelframe and pvc tarpaulin makes the titanium tent the strongest tent on the market. The tents are constructed with heavy duty steel frame and come either in hot dip galvanised or powder coating surface. The tarpaulin is in high strength polyethylene 300 gr. Pr m2.

Tents for the event

Sale and hire of tents for any event. whether you need a garden tent, party tent,market tent,beach tent, pop up tent,market tent,promotional tent we can help you. If you love to spend your time outside no matter what the weather is like you might be interested in our party tents. The party tents provide a lovely shade from the sun, wind and rain and will keep your guests dry in the dew falling hours in the evening. Our party tents comes in all sizes, and are suitable for many occasions like weddings, garden parties, birthdays. If you want a party tent in the markets best quality you can choose the party tent professional. The tent is constructed from our experiences with the rental market as supplier and is designed for frequent and easy erection and disassembly. The tent is built in heavy duty aluminium and strong PVC.

Pop up tent

Sale and hire of pop up tents. The pop up tent is very convenient because you can bring it with you everywhere and it only take one minute to erect. The simple design of the pop up tent makes it very suitable for many events like camping, beach trips, garden parties, the market, events. If you need the the tent for promotional purposes you can get your logo printed on the roof and sidewalls. Our basic pop up tent is very popular. you can get it complete with complete with med frame, roof cover and 4 side walls in a carry bag at a very reasonable price. Our pop up tent pro is the markets strongest pop up tent in with strong Polyester 500 Denier roof cover and Polyurethane backside. Tube diameter: 50 mm hexagonal aluminium frame. We sale a wide range of assories like sidewalls,storm straps and weight discs to fit the occasion

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